Mark Jacob Cavazza, known as VAZZ, is a prominent hip-hop artist based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He has made significant contributions to the local art scene through live performances with his band and DJ sets. VAZZ's presence and influence in the hip-hop community have been remarkable in recent years, and he is often regarded as a representative voice of the upcoming generation.

In addition to his skills as an MC, VAZZ also has interests in DJing and acting. He has established himself as a versatile artist with a diverse range of talents.

VAZZ has released several albums that have received critical acclaim and garnered attention from a wider audience. His solo albums include "INDIVIDUUM" (2018), "JACOB" (2019), and "KODEKS" (2022). These albums are known for their ability to convey VAZZ's unique perspective and offer a safe and intimate space for listeners to connect with his reality.

In 2023, VAZZ released his first live album, "VAZZ LIVE (2023)," which further showcases his dynamic and engaging performances. His ongoing projects aim to express his personal reality and viewpoints while providing listeners with an immersive and meaningful experience through his music and live shows.

Recent interview with New Edge Magazine:

What Vazz Does


VAZZ began his musical journey as a poet and a talented MC in the world of hip hop. Starting with poetry during his late elementary school years, he quickly transitioned to freestyle battling and recording his own songs. In just four years, VAZZ became the opening act for prominent names in Slovenian hip hop and released three solo albums, showcasing his lyrical prowess. 

Collaborating with diverse producers, VAZZ has shaped a distinctive musical identity. He actively supports local events and performs for charitable causes. Notably, he shares his passion for hip hop by leading courses for kids in collaboration with Mladinski center ULICA and appearing on national radio's Val202. 

Currently, VAZZ's artistic focus lies in live band performances, where he aims to create authentic hip-hop experiences that resonate with his audience and capture the true essence of the genre. His journey as a poet and MC reflects his dedication to the art form and his enduring commitment to the hip-hop community.


VAZZ's exploration of the world of hip hop and life led him to the world of turntables and a diverse range of music cultures. His love for music expanded to encompass dance music, jazz, soul, funk, psychedelic rock, blues, disco, electronic, and any other high-quality music. This deepening passion drove him to delve further into music from a broader perspective, a journey he continues to this day. With a keen ear for music, VAZZ became a dedicated collector of musical gems. He delved deeply into the art of DJing, taking inspiration from some of the best Slovenian DJs, such as DJ SunnySun, DJ KpoW, and DJ Woo-D, through their DJ school. Today, he's actively honing his skills in spinning vinyl records and continues to expand his knowledge with the guidance of these accomplished DJs, constantly evolving as a music enthusiast and DJ.


VAZZ's artistic journey extends beyond music. He was an active participant in his high school theater, showcasing his acting talent. He also made appearances in several short films and twice entered the Muvit 60x60, a Slovenian short film contest. Further demonstrating his creative versatility, VAZZ co-wrote two amateur plays, showcasing his skills as a playwright. His theatrical pursuits took him to renowned venues like Gledalisce Glej, Cankarjev dom, Španski borci, and Pozorište Pinokio in Belgrade, Serbia. VAZZ's dedication to the arts led him to study the profession at the AGRFT Academy, where he continues to hone his artistic skills and explore his creative potential.


Vazz directed a music video for Nina Pušlar - Za naju 
and co-directed most of his own videos.

He strives for pure expression, stainless ideas and realness. At the age of 24 he still has a lot to offer, learn and at the same time give back to the community and the people.