Mark Jacob Cavazza alias Vazz is first and foremost an artist.
He is based in Ljubljana, Slovenia where he contributes to his local art scene by being active, playing shows and supporting the culture he loves truly.

For the past few years he’s been extremely dominant and representative in the Hip Hop circle. He performed in many cities all over the country and he’s slowly becoming the new voice of the upcoming generation. Besides MC-ing, his interest are also DJ-ing and acting.

At the moment he has a live band repertoire, a dynamic act. So far he has released two solo albums INDIVIDUUM (2018) and JACOB (2019) which were accepted and acclaimed by the critics and wider audience. The aim of his projects is to manifest his reality, view point and offer a safe, intimate space for the listeners.

Recent interview with New Edge Magazine:

What Vazz Does


He's primarily a poet and an MC (Master of ceremony). After late elementary school poems he started off with freestyle battling. He continued to improve his freestyle and started to record his first songs. Soon he was the opening act to some of the biggest names in Slovenian Hip Hop. In a matter of 4 years he performed on many known stages across the country and released two solo 8-song albums. So far he collaborated with quite a flamboyant bunch of producers who brought him the consistent sound frame. He supports most of local events and also often performes for a good cause. Mladinski center ULICA had guested him for a Hip Hop course with the kids. He recently did a Live morning show on national radio's second programe Val202. Currently his focus is on Live Band performance and creating true Hip Hop.


Trough Hip Hop and life he descovered turntables and other music cultures. He fell in love with dance music, jazz, soul, funk, psyhadelic rock, blues, disco, electronic and any other good piece of music really.  So he started to dig deeper and deeper in to music in a wider perspective and he still does every day. With that a person becomes a collector. But he was already looking well under the fingers of best slovenian Dj's like DJ SunnySun, DJ KpoW, DJ Woo-D at their DJ school. Now he started practising spinning vinyls himself and with the help of the mentioned DJ's he's getting more knowledge to this day.


Also he was part of a high school theater, played in a few short movies and joined Muvit 60x60, a slovenian short film contest twice. He co-wrote two amateur plays and was part of Festival Vizije and Transgeneracije. With the amateur theater he played in Gledalisce Glej, Cankarjev dom, Španski borci and Pozorište Pinokio (Bg). He is currently studying the profession at the AGRFT Academy.


Vazz directed a music video for Nina Pušlar - Za naju 
and co-directed most of his own videos.

He strives for pure expression, stainless ideas and realness. At the age of 22 he still has a lot to offer, learn and at the same time give back to the community and the people.